20th Annual Western BCA 9-Ball Championships

October 9-15, 2017

Chinook Winds Casino Resort — Lincoln City, Oregon


Master Mixed Scotch Doubles (26 entries) Men's GM/Master Singles (42 entries) Women's GM/Master Singles (21 entries) Men's/Mixed Teams (81entries)
Open Mixed Scotch Doubles (103 entries) Men's A Singles (138 entries) Women's A Singles (51 entries) Women's Teams (46 entries)
  Men's B Singles (176 entries) Women's B Singles (69 entries) Men's/Mixed B Teams (61 entries)
  Men's Senior Singles (29 entries) Women's Senior Singles (9 entries)

Master Mixed Scotch Doubles return to list

    Place Prize Players Place Prize Players
  Entries 26     1st $1890 Steve Lingelbach and Carissa Biggs 5/6th $360 Chad Bisconer and Barb Thompson
  Total Payout $5720     2nd $1250 Andrena Browne and Stan Tourangeau 5/6th $360 Mike Stevens and Cindy Doty
          3rd $830 Ken Morano and Andrea Saenz-Maes 7/8th $240 John Doherty and Melissa Doherty
          4th $550 Marvin Holmes and Kim Jones 7/8th $240 Daniel Sternberg and Cindy Rosenthal

Open Mixed Scotch Doubles return to list

    Place Prize Players Place Prize Players
Entries 103     1st $1810 Charlie Burnett and Coryn Walker 17-24th $160 Bonnie Jones and Brock Brisby
Total Payout $11,070     2nd $1340 Francisco Silva and Pam Gabbard 17-24th $160 Jay Berneburg and Clara Silvas
        3rd $990 Ed Terry and Irene Arsenault 17-24th $160 Stan Beard and Tammy Williams
        4th $730 Garrett Smith and Juliana Goodman 17-24th $160 Sandro Menzel and Claudia Hoyt
        5/6th $540 Chad Walton and Raquel Walton 17-24th $160 Dave Jones and Kathy Stanley
    5/6th $540 Slava Min and Gloria Villa 17-24th $160 Larry Maes and Janae Ree
    7/8th $400 Joe Stiner and Christine McGilvrey 17-24th $160 Jeff Nelson and Diana Trent
    7/8th $400 Doug Lowe and Levona Lowe 17-24th $160 Tara Miller and Steve Ransom
    9-12th $300 Scott Bush and Linda Cyrus 25-32nd $120 Michael Blayden and Jessie Blayden
    9-12th $300 Trish White and Dave Thompson 25-32nd $120 John Evans Jr and Kristin Cambas
    9-12th $300 Owen Miller and Karin Moroz 25-32nd $120 Lawrence Framton and Alisha Milligan
    9-12th $300 Eric Gibson and Robin Adams 25-32nd $120 James Boxley and Brooke Williamson
    13-16th $220 Brandon Crum and Jenny Blackstone 25-32nd $120 Joe Barbosa and Yvonne Colfax
    13-16th $220 Izzy Lemus and Shannon Norton 25-32nd $120 Lee Barnett and Sam McMurtrey
    13-16th $220 Mike Gwinn and Cindy Perry 25-32nd $120 Roy Garza and Barbara Garza
    13-16th $220 Steve Marker and Amanda Smith 25-32nd $120 Jacqueline Cantrall and Shayne Duncklee

Women's GrandMaster/Master Singles return to list

    Entries 21     Place Prize Player Place Prize Player Place Prize Player
    Total Payout $1925     1st $800 Mary Ellen Homenchuk 3rd $280 Tricia Tipton 5/6th $100 Carissa Biggs
            2nd $475 Kim Jones 4th $170 Suzie O'Connor 5/6th $100 Melyssa Chasteen

Men's GrandMaster/Master Singles return to list

            Place Prize Player Place Prize Player Place Prize Player
    Entries 42     1st $1300 Stan Touranteau 5/6th $250 David Bersenadze 9-12th $110 Pat Schumacher
    Total Payout $4370     2nd $855 Chris Byers 5/6th $250 John Doherty 9-12th $110 Leo Violette
            3rd $570 Randy Baker 7/8th $165 Chad Bisconer 9-12th $110 Jeff Coates
            4th $375 Eddie Mataya 7/8th $165 Michael Deitchan 9-12th $110 Clay Belvoir

Men's A Singles return to list

          Place Prize Player Place Prize Player Place Prize Player
  Entries 138     1st $1300 Joe Landi 17-24th $120 Lee Puyette 33-48th $65 Johnny Do
  Total Payout $9120     2nd $975 David Lash 17-24th $120 John Chaplin 33-48th $65 Jose Villa Garza
          3rd $720 Eric Soumokil 17-24th $120 Alex Lugo 33-48th $65 Mike Bell
          4th $535 Clark Smith 17-24th $120 Carlos Rodriguez 33-48th $65 Jordan Erwin
          5/6th $395 Mason Maki 17-24th $120 Gary Crane 33-48th $65 Charlie Burnett
          5/6th $395 Jerald Davenport 17-24th $120 Jose Chavez 33-48th $65 David Stanley
          7/8th $290 Garrett Smith 17-24th $120 Vinnie Mellott 33-48th $65 Paul Schweigart
          7/8th $290 Bill Anglin 17-24th $120 Ed Slade 33-48th $65 Ken Morano
          9-12th $215 Robert Niemeyer 24-32nd $90 Tony Jacobs 33-48th $65 Tim Fraser
          9-12th $215 Clifford Maxson 25-32nd $90 Wayne Hansen 33-48th $65 Stan Combs Jr
          9-12th $215 Adam Stromberg 25-32nd $90 Larry Maes 33-48th $65 Jack Kiske
          9-12th $215 Jason Bennett 25-32nd $90 William " Dewey" Walls 33-48th $65 Rick Tillett
          13-16th $160 Doug Lowe 25-32nd $90 Min Yu 33-48th $65 Daniel Sternberg
          13-16th $160 John Evans 25-32nd $90 Francisco Silva 33-48th $65 Jeremy Gradwohl
          13-16th $160 Gerald O'Connon 25-32nd $90 Michael McGovern 33-48th $65 Ramon Farias
          13-16th $160 Milan Kopecky 25-32nd $90 Tyrel Datwyler 33-48th $65 Roy Garza

Men's B Singles return to list

            Place Prize Player Place Prize Player Place Prize Player
    Entries 176     1st $1140 Tony Bloom 17-24th $95 Homero Flores 33-48th $50 Paul Polendey
    Total Payout $7490     2nd $830 Wally Johnston Jr 17-24th $95 Rex Bisconer 33-48th $50 Steve Wilson
            3rd $605 Vic Albertson 17-24th $95 Ron Strong 33-48th $50 Rob Frye
            4th $445 Mike Kurz 17-24th $95 Stan Beard 33-48th $50 Lee Barnett
            5/6th $325 Floyd Lot 17-24th $95 Dan Cain 33-48th $50 Todd Fielitz
            5/6th $325 Jeremy Albers 17-24th $95 Kevin Coon 33-48th $50 Dave Carlson
            7/8th $240 Chuck Fields 17-24th $95 Chris Bartron 33-48th $50 Scott Dannen
            7/8th $240 Gary Elston 17-24th $95 Lance Griffin 33-48th $50 Tyler Shields
            9-12th $175 Alex Blair 24-32nd $70 Ace Ogletree 33-48th $50 Ray Bray
            9-12th $175 Dustin Geffe 25-32nd $70 Jason Freeman 33-48th $50 Thomas Patrocinio
            9-12th $175 Dave Mackey 25-32nd $70 Steve Ash 33-48th $50 Alfredo Pelayo
            9-12th $175 Bill Byers 25-32nd $70 DuWayne Schmitt 33-48th $50 Brock Brisby
            13-16th $130 Stanley Burklund 25-32nd $70 Ken Boyle 33-48th $50 Lawrence Frampton
            13-16th $130 Gary Christiansen 25-32nd $70 Sri Aleti 33-48th $50 Nate Dunford
            13-16th $130 Brian Hanson 25-32nd $70 Danny Nielsen 33-48th $50 Charlie Paul
            13-16th $130 Kurt Hamm 25-32nd $70 Larry Schave 33-48th $50 Hector Camacho

Men's Senior Singles return to list

    Entries 29     Place Prize Player Place Prize Player Place Prize Player
    Total Payout $1790     1st $575 Kenny Dodd 4th $180 Bill Ermatinger 7/8th $70 Joe Mendoza
            2nd $390 Michael Gwinn 5/6th $120 Lyman Reed 7/8th $70 Sonny Boggs
            3rd $265 Richard Sanford 5/6th $120 Steven Baumann      

Women's A Singles return to list

    Entries 51     Place Prize Player Place Prize Player Place Prize Player
    Total Payout $2835     1st $700 Kathy Stanley 7/8th $160 Raquel Walton 13-16th $55 Irene Arsenault
            2nd $480 Schon Hartung 7/8th $160 Yvonne Colfax 13-16th $55 Brooke Williamson
            3rd $335 Trish White 9-12th $80 Sarah Myers-Mitchell 13-16th $55 Melanie Elder
            4th $230 Jessie Blayden 9-12th $80 Tammy Williams 13-16th $55 Lisa Aufderheide
            5/6th $160 Lavona Lowe 9-12th $80 Denice White      
            5/6th $160 Rachel Keller 9-12th $80 Jenny Blackstone      

Women's B Singles return to list

    Entries 69     Place Prize Player Place Prize Player Place Prize Player
    Total Payout $2950     1st $640 Doreen Butler 9-12th $70 Yvonne Colfax 17-24th $45 Windy Manuelito
            2nd $445 Kari Stevens 9-12th $70 Andrea Roeser 17-24th $45 Heather Barnett
            3rd $305 Karin Moroz 9-12th $70 Becky Way 17-24th $45 Sue Eklund
            4th $210 Tori Vanhorn 9-12th $70 Kirstin Norris 17-24th $45 Donna Palmer
            5/6th $145 Christine McGilvrey 13-16th $55 Erica Daniels 17-24th $45 Sue Carroll
            5/6th $145 Charis Lamberte 13-16th $55 Chelsie Killian 17-24th $45 Amber Johnson
            7/8th $100 Sandy Zitek 13-16th $55 Kellie Burdine 17-24th $45 Kelley McMinn
            7/8th $100 Kellie Olson 13-16th $55 Mona Werle 17-24th $45 Diana Gourley

Women's Senior Singles return to list

Entries 9     Place Prize Player
Total Payout $450     1st $260 Robbin Iredale
        2nd $135 Wendy Taff
        3rd $55 Marian Squeochs

Women's Teams return to list

    Entries 46     Place Prize Team Name Players
    Total Payout $7680     1st $1755 NPL Chix Cindy Doty, Kristin Cambas, Trish White
            2nd $1275 Keeping Up With the Joneses Kim Jones, Alicia Foster, Angie VerHoeven
            3rd $915 Skoden Windy Manuelito, Deece Suppah, Kendra Marcoulier, Karla Bagley-Tias
            4th $645 Special Sauce Liz Cole, Sarah Myers-Mitchell, Nicole Donisi
            5/6th $450 Leave It to Beaver Miranda Sellman, Molly Loveland, Cindy Sliva
            5/6th $450 Bazzinga! Andrena Browne, Kimberly Katzenberger, Becki Silva-Smith
            7/8th $315 Queen of Diamonds Stephanie Hefner, Denice White, Melinda Hoffman
            7/8th $315 Let's Roll Rimma Gounares, LeAnn Russell, Suwanna Kroll
            9-12th $225 Chix with Stix Lynnette Perez, Debbi Owings, Melanie Elder
            9-12th $225 No Ifs Ands or Buts Carissa Biggs, Jen Windell, Shirley Morgan
            9-12th $225 Oops There It I Suzanne Mackey, Tami Conibear, Candy Zeleny, Schon Hartung
            9-12th $225 Rack and Roll Joan Cory-Payne, Robin Adams, Julie Fraser
            13-16th $165 Cuttabe Jordan Oakes, Nikki Crane, Kirsten Fery
            13-16th $165 On the Snap Mary Ellen Homenchuk, Kristi Palmer, Sharon Dosch
            13-16th $165 Holy Toledo Girls Brenda Polendey, Patty Gary, Andrea Roeser
            13-16th $165 The Six is Still Green Anne Bounds, Adrianne Beach, Cassie Francois

Men's/Mixed Teams return to list

    Entries 81     Place Prize Team Name Players
    Total Payout $15,645     1st $3210 Malarkeys Eddie Mataya, Tommy Sliva, David Lash
            2nd $2280 Good Fellas Joe Landi, Jake Dosch, Stan Tourangeau
            3rd $1620 Shark Bait Kevin Robitaille, Wayne Hansen, Jora Sandhu
            4th $1155 Whiskey Bravo Alpha Jason Bennett, Chris Byers, Andy Dalbey, William " Dewey" Walls
            5/6th $825 Soundview #3 Phillip Wilson, Michael Poole, Jeffrey Jimenez
            5/6th $825 Chalk is Cheap Brian Knapp, Paul Johnson, Kevin Kaehler
            7/8th $585 C.E.M. Eric Gibson, Chad Bisconer, Mickey Johnson
            7/8th $585 Walla Walla Bing Bang Justin Lilje, Roy Garza, Jeremy Gradwohl
            9-12th $420 Thor's Hammer Dave Thompson, Roy Chevalier, Jay Coomes
            9-12th $420 Elkoholics 1.0 Keith Wolhar, Eric Tate, Gary Jaremka
            9-12th $420 Out of Towners Jose Chavez, Andy Jellison, Jeffrey Hurley
            9-12th $420 Luckeys LLC Sheldon Lebow, Russell Cearley, Josh Thomashefsky
            13-16th $300 DILLIGAF Anthony Shipley, Garrett Smith, Ian Sharp
            13-16th $300 Assasins Jeff Coates, Tim Haines, Mike Jensen
            13-16th $300 The Pez Dispensers Lee Puyette, Tom Fulton, Nick Lopez
            13-16th $300 3 Dudes Ed Terry, Mike Bell, Cary Brauer
            17-24th $210 Soundview #2 Marvin Holmes, Adam Stromberg, Alan Buck II
            17-24th $210 Photo Finish Greg Odal, Scott Chandler, Scott Perry
            17-24th $210 Hannah's Stan Combs Jr, Alex Lugo, Ramon Farias
            17-24th $210 A Little Loaded Dave Bowlby, Mike Stevens, Steve Grimes
            17-24th $210 Boats n Hoes Randy Baker, Jon Mesa, Shawn Self, Kenny Dodd
            17-24th $210 Off Daily Mark Fenn, Sonny Boggs, James Myers
            17-24th $210 Tater Tot and His Spuddies Rob Frye, Cody White, Mike Barroso

Men's B Teams return to list

    Entries 61     Place Prize Team Name Players
    Total Payout $9120     1st $1800 Grease Monkey Billiards Jordan Henriksen, Albert Miller, Stanley Burklund
            2nd $1290 Oh No You Didn't Edwin Ambo, Dennis Keeler, Josh Moraga
            3rd $915 Rogue 9 Mungo Becker, Robert Vining, Jeremy Coffman
            4th $645 Village People Andrew Gamble, Cory Nelson, Tom Mautino
            5/6th $450 Rum & Beer Richard Kiltz, Mike Norris, Izzy Lemus
            5/6th $450 Just Three B Players Chuck Mileur, Darrel Schulden, Ed Locati
            7/8th $330 The Other Guys Floyd Lot, Dickie Babineau, Homero Flores
            7/8th $330 No Idea Brent Duncan, Brian Roberge, Brooke Williamson
            9-12th $240 Corner Pocket Stan Beard, Steve Dugan, Gabe Moore, Karl Moore
            9-12th $240 Felt Good Again Glen Sakamura, Bob Yutzie, James Long
            9-12th $240 The Sleepers Peter Hrebeniuk, Dave Carlson, John Alcorn
            9-12th $240 Wicked Child Charlie Gross, Michael Blayden, Jessie Blayden
            13-16th $165 Joe's Glass Dan Cain, Joe Ladd, Derek Jackson
            13-16th $165 Tioga Shooters Tracey McGuire, Kevin Coon, Rob Terrell
            13-16th $165 Splayden William Bagley, Jason Freeman, Jerry Bagley
            13-16th $165 Those Guys Gary Elston, Joe Wiley, Bryan Bernard