Scotch Doubles play begins Sunday, March 11, 2018 at 9a. See event schedule or online brackets for each division's start time. All times/matches online are subject to change without notice. Dress Code will be strictly enforced when referees are present on the tournament floor. Juniors must wear wristband provided by CW security/WBCA at all times. Failure to abide by the policies outlined on the Player Information Sheet or in the Tournament Policies may result in immediate expulsion from this tournament. ANY PLAYER WHO HAS NEVER ENTERED BEFORE MUST CHECK THE UNDERLINED BOX BELOW.

Printing instructions: Please use print button at the bottom of the page. Scale to fit 2 pages and print on both sides if you can.

Check here if 1st WBCA Tournament Check here if 1st WBCA Tournament
Name: Name:
Email: Email:
Phone: Phone:
Fargo Rating: Fargo Rating:
If I am a Junior (under 21), My DOB is: If I am a Junior (under 21), My DOB is:
Medical Dress Code Exemption: Medical Dress Code Exemption:
If yes, my MD's letter is: If yes, my MD's letter is:
Division Combined Fargo Race* Entry Fee Green Fee** Total Fees
PLATINUM SCOTCH ( Fargo Cap = 1150) 5 $160 $20 $180
GOLD DIVISION (Fargo Cap = 1025) 4 $120 $20 $140
SILVER DIVISION (Fargo Cap = 900) 4 $80 $20 $100
*Races may changed based on entries. **Green fees include table time for this event, 2nd chance, Fun Night, mini-tournaments and practice.

All PAPER entries must be submitted through your League Operator. Make checks payable to Western BCA. All fees must accompany this form. Your cancelled check is your receipt. Entries must be postmarked or in the hands of your League Operator no later than February 2, 2018. Late entries must be postmarked by February 9 and include non-refundable late fee of $25/person ($50). Any late entries must be paid with a money order or cashier's check, no personal checks will be accepted. No exceptions. Service charge for returned checks: $40.00.

By signing below, we, the above named entrants, stipulate that we are Western BCA players in good standing, have paid our membership fees for the current year, have met the eligibility requirements for entry into this tournament, are entering in our proper division and have read and understand the Player Information Sheet. If we are entering the Platinum Division, don't play under the same League Operator and it isn't possible for both of us to sign this form, it is understood that the entrant signing below is signing for both players. Our signatures further indicate our agreement that our names and likenesses may be reproduced for publication on the Western BCA website and in any media outlet, including the internet via live streaming, with which Western BCA contracts for informational and promotional purposes. We further understand that if we win any money in this event we will each be required to provide a social security number or International ID before any funds are distributed. False information may result in expulsion from the tournament and forfeiture of all fees and any winnings.

Signed:______________________________________________________________________Date: ____________________

League Operator: Review and verify entrants' information and eligibility. Must be signed. Signature below by anyone other than the entrant's League Operator will invalidate this entry. If the players named above do not play for the same League Operator (Platinum Division), it is understood that the League Operator signing below is signing for both players and verifies that both players meet eligibility requirements. Send form + fee by date specified by the Tournament Registrar.

Signed:______________________________________________________________________Date: ____________________