2013 9-Ball Championships
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The 2014 9-Ball Championships will begin in

16th Annual Western BCA Regional 9-Ball Championships
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2013 9-Ball Championships
Congratulations to Western BCA's two 2013 10-Ball Open Champions, Rafael Martinez and Kim Jones. This, the launch of the new GrandMaster format, The Chinook Winds 10-Ball Open is hoped to be but the first of many to come that will showcase elite players from around the region and eventually the country.
Rafael Martinez
Kim Jones




Custom cue makers Dave Jones (DJ Cues®) and Ernie Omori (eyo cues®) combined their considerable skills to create a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind pool cue, made of purple heart wood with walnut and ivory inlays, to donate to Western BCA for a fundraising raffle. They went the extra mile and inscribed it with “Western BCA 2013” in the ivory at the base of the cue. The custom cue comes with two shafts and is valued at $900. Shari Ross, Western BCA volunteer from Players Club LTD, organized the collaboration of the Seattle area cue makers and the raffle to raise money for the players. All proceeds will go directly to future tournaments. Alex Blair of NPL from Portland, OR is the happiest new cue raffle winner in the Region. Western BCA extends a special “Thank you” to DJ Cues® and eyo cues® for their generous contribution and continued support of the players…so does Alex!  (Pictured here with Dave Jones, Ernie Omori and Rebecca Easley, WBCA's PR Director.)





Men's Open 10-Ball Women's Open 10-Ball Open


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